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Student life has never been as magnificent as it is at Univerium. In our fully equipped rooms, you are offered various opportunities for a living experience in a stimulating, modern, and safe environment that responds to the most contemporary needs, right in the heart of the city

In "Univerium," all your needs and expectations have been taken into account. The provision of rooms with all necessary amenities will make your accommodation comfortable. Monthly rent includes central air conditioning, high-speed internet, household and social services, free access to all additional facilities, and the cleaning of rooms and bed linens. You will have access to free high-speed internet, individual and group study rooms, 24-hour security, a cinema, a well-equipped fitness room, acoustic music rooms, a basketball and volleyball court, and other fantastic facilities. On each floor, there are common relaxation rooms equipped with internet where you can chat with friends or simply relax. Additionally, every student will have electronic access cards ensuring triple security: at the main entrance, floor entrances or lifts, and room doors. The card will be used only to access the student's floor and room, except for common areas. Furthermore, 24-hour security is provided throughout the dormitory area, ensuring the safety of our students. If you are in search of an unforgettable student life experience, contact us!


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Package A

The room is designed for four students. Room area - 45 sqm
Each student is provided with a sleeping place, an individual workplace, as well as a place to store personal things. The room has a bathroom and a toilet.

Package A includes:
  • High speed internet
  • AC/Heater
  • Bi-weekly changing of linens
  • Using of cold and hot water all day
  • Laundry Service
  • Regular Cleaning
  • 24/7 security
  • Full access to all facilities and amenities
Price: Contact Us
*Meal Package: Three meals in a day in the student canteen. (Price: Contact Us.)
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Package B

The room is designed for four student and is more affordable than the Package A.
Room area - 60 sqm
Each student is provided with a sleeping place, an individual workplace, as well as a place to store personal things. The room has two bathrooms and two toilets.

Package B includes:
  • High speed internet
  • AC/Heater
  • Bi-weekly changing of linens and bedding
  • Using of cold and hot water all day
  • Laundry services
  • Regular Cleaning
  • 24/7 security
  • Full access to all facilities and amenities
Price: Contact Us
*Meal Package: Three meals in a day in the student canteen. (Price: Contact Us.)
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When searching for a student housing near your university, you will want more than an apartment with some furniture. You will need an environment that offers other resources and meets your needs as you continue your academic career and personal development.

Our dorm has been filled with the kind of premium amenities you would expect in an upscale student housing community in Baku. Univerium has been designed to offer areas to study and relax as well as have good time with friends and classmates. Stylish study lounges on each floor and on rooftop will put you in the mood to focus on academic achievement and other priorities in life. In addition, whenever you have time and energy, there are a state-of-the-art fitness center, a movie-theater, music room, and basketball field to spend quality time with your friends and roommates.

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Key Apartment Amenities and Features:

  • High quality beds and bedding sets
  • Study desk and chair
  • TV and high speed internet
  • Personalized shelves and storage areas
  • High stands and individual lighting system
  • 24 hours hot and cold water
  • Centralized A/C and heater system
  • Noise isolating windows system
  • Great view of city
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Key Community Amenities:

  • Student Canteen (-1th floor)
  • Conference hall, cinema, sports bar (5th floor)
  • Board games: billiards, table tennis (provided on all floors)
  • Lounge areas, leisure areas with free internet access, kitchens and coffee points (provided on all floors)
  • Study rooms (-1 floor)
  • Sport center for fitness, yoga, aerobics, board and outdoor games (-1 floor)
  • Music rooms equipped with special acoustic features (-1 floor)
  • Modern basketball court in the open air (front yard)
  • Mini-laundry service in the building (-1 floor)
  • 24/7 security
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About Us

Univerium was built in 2018 and can accommodate more than 650 students in its rooms. The Univerium building was constructed based on the project of "Design Lab Architects," a British architectural company, by Bridge Groups of Companies. Located at the intersection of Bakikhanov and Jeyhun Hajibeyli streets, Univerium is in proximity to the main universities, metro stations, parks, and shopping centers of Baku.

Our Team - The Univerium team consists of professional and experienced student residence and real estate managers, operations and logistics experts, as well as marketing and leasing professionals. We do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our residents, clients, and employees at Univerium.

Our Goal - Our goal is to provide students with a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment that fosters academic and personal success.

Our Values - Univerium adheres to the following core values and principles in its business:

Service Excellence and Professionalism: We strive to provide excellent service to our students in all aspects of our work. Professionalism and meeting the needs of our students are fundamental principles for us.

Environment: We are committed to creating and supporting a vibrant student environment based on respect for oneself, others, and the surrounding environment.

Well-being of Students: We work towards the personal and professional development of our students.

Rules and Regulations

Our mission is to create a safe and stimulating living environment for students through innovative programs and services at Univerium. Univerium is not only your home but also a dormitory that brings together people from various fields. However, everyone shares a common aspect: the residential area consisting of a building. After settling in, you and your roommates will receive the "Student Handbook," which details the dormitory's policies and expectations. Each person must approach these rules with respect for the personal lives of others. Students who violate these rules are warned, penalized, or may have their contract terminated by Univerium management.

The following are some rules from this handbook:

Room Rules and Regulations:
● Smoking is prohibited in the rooms. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
● "Quiet" hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
● Moving furniture in the rooms is not allowed.
● Rooms must be kept clean and tidy.
● Turn off lights when leaving your space.
● Keeping pets in the rooms is not allowed.
● Follow general health and hygiene rules.
● Ensure you close the door when you are the last person leaving the room.
● Do not keep open drinks and food containers in the rooms.
● Dispose of trash daily to prevent hygiene issues.
● Bathrooms/sanitary facilities must always be kept clean.
● Be considerate of your roommates' privacy and personal belongings.
● Unauthorized use and duplication of keys and access cards are prohibited.
● Cooking in the room is prohibited.

General Rules and Regulations:
● Alcohol use is prohibited within the dormitory premises.
● Unauthorized guests are not allowed.
● The fitness center is open 24/7.
● The student cafeteria is open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I apply to move into the dormitory?
The process is very simple. You just need to approach the registration office.

2. What documents are required when applying?
You should provide a copy of your student ID and identity card. Foreign students should submit their passports and visas.

3. Can male and female students share the same room?
No, rooms for male and female students are completely separate.

4. Do I have to find my own roommates?
No, you do not have to find your own roommates. You are responsible only for the space you have rented.

5. Can I share a room with a friend who is also applying?
After expressing your desire to share a room when applying, we will do our best to accommodate you and your friend in the same room.

6. Can I reserve a place in advance, 3 or 6 months ahead?
Yes, you can make an advance reservation. Please contact us in advance by phone or email.

7. Are utility costs included in the rent?
Yes, all services – electricity, household utilities, hot and cold water, high-speed internet, etc. – are included in the price.

8. What about the laundry service?
You can benefit from our laundry service once a month for free.

9. Is cleaning service provided?
We provide our cleaning service free of charge four times a month.

10. Can I keep pets in the rooms?
No, keeping pets in the rooms is not allowed.

11. Can I have guests in the dormitory?
Unfortunately, guests are not allowed in the dormitory.

12. Can I smoke in my room?
No, smoking is only allowed in designated areas within the dormitory premises.

13. Is meals included in the rent?
No, you can buy a meal package additionally. If you decline this package, you should cover your own meal expenses.

14. How can I pay my rent?
You can pay your rent in cash or by bank card.

15. Is the security of the dormitory ensured?
Yes, the dormitory has a triple security card system: electronic access cards at the main entrance, floor entrances or lifts, and room doors. Additionally, the overall security of the dormitory is maintained 24/7.

16. How do I access the rooms?
You will be provided with special cards for room access.

17. What common facilities does the dormitory have?
You can use various facilities, including the fitness center, basketball court, cinema hall, music rooms, relaxation rooms, etc.

18. Is there a bus stop near the dormitory?
Yes, the dormitory is located in the central part of the city, and there are bus stops nearby. Buses passing through these stops can take you to universities such as ADNSU, ADA, ATU, BDU, ADIU, ADU, etc.

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Univerium is located in a central location within a close proximity to major universities in Baku. You can take a bus to your university, walk to Ganjlik and 28 May Metro stations. A few great parks are within walking distance to Univerium.

  • ASOİU - by bus № 85, - 16 mins, on foot 16 mins
  • ADA University - by bus № 17, № 133 - 19 mins, on foot 22 mins
  • Azerbaijan Medical University - by bus № 38 - 18 mins, on foot 21 mins
  • UNEC (second building) - by bus № 38 - 20 mins, on foot 33 mins
  • UNEC (fourth building) - by bus № 38 - 18 mins, on foot 19 mins
  • Azerbaijan University of Languages - by bus № 88 - 11 mins, on foot 10 mins
  • Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University - by bus № 133 - 19 mins
  • Baku State University - by bus № 3 - 33 mins
  • Azerbaijan Technical University – by bus № 3 - 29 mins
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction - by bus № 3 - 33 mins
  • Baku Slavic University - by bus № 88 - 22 mins, on foot 22 mins
  • Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts - by bus № 17 - 23 mins
  • Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (first building) - by bus № 88 - 24 mins
  • Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sports - by bus № 133 - 18 mins, on foot 26 mins



Cross section of Bakikhanov and J.Hajıbeyli avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan


T+99412 4045554

T+99450 7075554


E info@univerium.az



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